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Company History

Over 100 years ago in the village of Broadwindsor in Dorset, Arthur and Ernie Wakely were carpenters and gate makers who saw an opportunity to expand and develop their business to include a funeral service for the members of their rural community.

Arthur had a son called Jack who helped his father and uncle part time with this additional venture, and after Arthur’s death in 1936, Ernie continued to pursue the business throughout the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s while Jack retained an interest and helped out as needed.

Jack purchased a small funeral business in Bridport which he ran successfully under the Wakely name. The purchase and subsequent success of the funeral service prompted Jack to dedicate himself to the profession on a full time basis in 1970. Jack’s hard work, natural enterprise and commitment to the community facilitated growth and cultivated a stable reputation in the local area.

In 1972 Jack’s eldest son David joined his father in the full time operation of the business and in 1982 they were joined by Jack’s youngest son Clive.

By 1991, Arthur and Ernie’s supplemental venture had progressed into a thriving business of seven offices serving the counties of Dorset, Somerset and Devon. In the same year Jack turned over the management duties to his sons but continued to pursue a lively interest in the day to day events and play an active role upon the request of community members who knew and respected him after his years of service. Jack was 88 years old when he conducted his last funeral at the request of a local family.

In 1995 David’s son Simon joined his grandfather, father and uncle in the family business and under their management two more offices were opened in Dorset and Somerset.

We sadly lost David in 2009 and Jack in 2011, but their rich tradition of personal, professional service is maintained under the directorship of Clive and Simon who currently manage nine offices with the help of an experienced, caring staff.

Our family has been providing personal, sensitive and dignified help to the bereaved for four generations and as a result we have developed a reputation as leading independent funeral directors in the communities we serve.