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The Funeral Service

There are many aspects of a funeral service that will need to be considered at the planning stages.

The date and location of the service, as well as the type of funeral (cremation or burial, religious or non-religious) are the most important. Consideration to the type of funeral may depend on whether the deceased already expressed their wishes within a pre-paid funeral plan or Will; otherwise it will be up to family or friends to decide on this and as to where the body should rest following the service.

Cremation is a popular choice. Most cremation services last for approximately 30 minutes and they are suitable for religious or non-religious funerals. Following the cremation, the ashes can be collected by a named person or us as your funeral director. You may choose to bury or scatter the remains or keep them at home in an urn/ashes casket. Many families like to place them in a specific location so that they can be visited in the future.

Burial can be carried out at a cemetery or woodland burial site. To arrange a cemetery burial, the relevant Priest or Minister needs to be contacted and an area of land, where the loved one is to be buried after the funeral service, will need to be reserved and paid for. An alternative that you may like to consider is a Woodland Burial. This type of internment is growing in popularity due to the lack of available burial space in local cemeteries and churchyards. If you were to choose this option, the location of burial we use is Higher Ground Meadow in Dorchester, which is a natural woodland area. We can arrange either a full burial or burial of cremated remains on your behalf.

Other aspects of the funeral service to be considered include music, obituary notices, service sheets, floral tributes, transport to and from the church/burial site/cremation and any other requirements.