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Monumental Masons

Monumental memorials provide a focus for personal memories and provide a dedicated place to visit, lay flowers and reflect on special times.

Our showrooms feature many examples of the available monumental memorials, and we can advise you on the different options. Our stone mason can also visit your home to provide you with advice on the most suitable for your needs.

We provide advice on each material and, as part of our service, we also provide guidance on regulations that need to be considered when arranging a memorial. These vary across the country and must be considered before a memorial is selected.

Our bespoke service means that you can choose from virtually any material including fine marble, granite and limestone. We can also create additional inscriptions for existing memorials. 

As time passes our comprehensive cleaning and refurbishment service may also be required.

We shall be pleased to advise on monumental memorials for funerals in Dorset, Somerset and East Devon.