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Ashes Caskets

A wide range of caskets are available for you to choose from in a variety of attractive materials. All come with a choice of handles to suit your unique requirements.

As your funeral director we will provide you information on each particular design, the cost and reasons why you may like to choose it, and advice on which are most suitable for cremations and burials. Ultimately the choice of casket is a personal one, and may be influenced by religious or local customs or personal taste.

In addition to the traditional veneered and solid wood options, we can also provide those made of renewable materials such as willow. We can also provide bespoke caskets including coloured or patterned options, painted finishes and personal designs if required.

The Casket Range includes:

  • Wicker / Willow: an environmentally friendly option produced from this attractive renewable crop
  • Wooden: made from naturally attractive and hard-wearing materials
  • Ceramic: an extremely popular choice, manufactured from carefully selected materials
  • Metal: protective caskets constructed from either steel, bronze or copper

Scatter Tubes :

These are available in a number of designes and come in three sizes, small, medium and large.

We have a range of locally hand made ashes caskets, which are made in English Elm, and can be view in the gallery below.

We shall be pleased to advise on caskets for ashes for funerals in Dorset, Somerset and East Devon.